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FOX News
Jan 26, 2010 7:00pm EST
affairs, homeland security, and foreign aid. it also would not apply to social security or medicare, medicaid, programs which are expected to account for 59% of federal spending this year. this freeze could apply to pretty much anything else from farm subsidies to transportation, to national parks. but the white house reports nobody is going to just start cutting stuff as they put it willy-nilly. >> the president will cut programs that are duplicative or serve what he believes is no important purpose. >> shepard: well, the white house says this freeze could save 10 to $15 billion next year. a little perspective? that's roughly 1% of next year's projected deficit. the freeze proposal brought a blunt response from the office of the house minority leader. congressman john boehner spokesman releasing a statement that reads: give washington democrats unprecedented spending bing, this is like announcing that you you're going on a diet after winning a pie-eating contest. for that matter, some democrats don't seem too enthusiastic either. major garrett is our senior white house corresponde
FOX News
Jan 25, 2010 7:00pm EST
, medicare or medicare is affected either. >> shepard: i'm getting for more from the white house. it says exempt from this will also be -- i lost my place. it changed to the next script. veterans affairs, anything for veterans affairs is going to be. foreign aid, homeland security. none of -- all of those are exempt from this spending freeze. >> that's exactly right. if it's on a security platform, shepard, it doesn't count. so anything that's non-security. let me tell you, this i can guarantee what's going to happen on capitol hill. >> shepard: it's election year. can i guarantee you too. >> lawmakers will say you have bought-to-boost things for my district or my program or these things, think about, this shepard, food security at the agriculture department. that's national security. we don't want unsafe food. that has to be exempted too, mr. president. all of those sorts of disagreement and debates will go on. in the main wednesday night what the president's to do is look into the cam rand say to the american people i'm looking for a freeze for three years. republicans have you been on
FOX News
Jan 5, 2010 7:00pm EST
for medicare and medicaid services, spending still tops $3 trillion in 2008. that's $7,700 per person. more than 16% of the nation's total economic output. the analysis includes costs associated with everything from hospital visits to long-term care. but health care spending still grew at a faster pace than the overall economy. >>> we're just getting this in to fox news. the big unit is stepping down from the mound. that's the nickname for the baseball pitching legend, randy johnson. his fast ball and his 6' 10 frame intimidated batters for 22 seasons. he pitched on six different teams, striking out some 4800 batters. the most k's ever for a lefty and second to nolan ryan. along the way, he picked up a world series ring and five cy young awards. went to the all-star game ten times and pitch add perfect game, one of only 18 ever pitched. his at the age of 40. he says he wants to go out on his terms and that it's times to retire. >>> an investigation underway in the death of an heiress to the johnson & johnson empire. police report they found the body of 30-year-old casey johnson in her los a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3